Dereliction of Duty Maleficence

Sometimes, preparation can border on obsession so much that it disguises itself as actually accomplishing the task that is being prepared. The deceiving is subtle, because actual work is being done, with the justification that the task being prepared for, is a simple matter of doing it. Thus, it is with writing. Preparing the workspace, organizing the writing materials, instruments, and tools, and visualizing the finished product are necessary, but deceptive regarding time investment. How much time is really needed to do these things? Extremism is a constant companion for any endeavor. Writing is no different. Sooner or later, words must be put down, even if in a random order. Editing is simply rearranging words or using punctuation correctly. Why not just put random words native to one’s field of study or genre, and rearrange them accordingly? Extremism will quickly disappear and harmony of the true essence inherent within the manuscript will emerge.