The Coming Dimensional Shifts

This blog seems to engage in philosophical discourse on everyday life in the new dimensional reality. However, shifting to this reality can be challenging, so various guideposts and markers are needed, because everyone is catapulted by those that resonate with them. 

In the coming years, it will be time for re-education. How do we unlearn what has been seeded in our very being? It will not be a matter of simply replacing one learned behavior with another. That would only still be part of the continuum of thought. No, it must start with a clean slate of consciousness. Sometimes, sentences do not make any sense, but they reflect —as best they can through words — the flow of thought occurring in the person’s mind. Identifying mind becomes tricky then, because it is the brain that interprets the thought as represented by words, same as a painter interprets thoughts as a painting or drawing. What if those thoughts could be manifested as physical forms? They would be physical thought forms.

Years ago, I read the book The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler; it was originally published in 1964, and I read it in 1972. It seemed to speak to questions I had just getting out of high school and wondering what life was all about. I found many answers in philosophy books such as Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Epictetus, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and a plethora of others; the concepts and new perspectives was the spiritual food I was looking for— it satisfied a deep desire for knowledge and alternative ways to direct my thinking process at that time, because I had just been liberated from the nest, turning 18 and off on my own. The ideas that were presented through reading different perspectives of reality helped me to formulate my own interpretation of reality based on universal principles. I wanted to seek out the bigger picture and for years have collected snippets and elements of that bigger picture to formulate a basic life philosophy grounded in reality Consciousness. It continues to reformulate itself with each new experience, because living an experiential life can be grounded in an existential reality.

For that, I am grateful.