Pushing Through The Energies

We made it through yesterday, 02/22/2022! We are still here (at least, if you are reading this, you are here). There will be much more dynamic manifestations of the changing energetic environment, but as long as we stay focused on our chosen path, it will be the anchor for our personal reality. I personally have decided to stay focused on what I am passionate about most, and that is Artistic Creativity, according to the spiritual gifts assessment taken years ago. Starting this blog challenged me to ascertain the value of putting one’s thought out in public for scrutiny. I think it will be better, though, if I had a theme for every post; it will offer a general direction as to how the reader’s thought process can meander so that something will be gleaned in the end, and hopefully catapulting that thought process to pursue a deeper reflection on the content.

We’ll see if I can pull this off!