It’s often hard to stay motivated when there is no accountability to anyone or anything. This can be a problem, especially when an individual has no one looking over one’s shoulder. this can be a a positive or negative attribute! Sometimes, we need someone “looking over our shoulder” and holding us accountable, but often we huff and puff when someone does.

I am finding out that I need someone holding me accountable and it needs to be in this physical realm. Granted, God holds us accountable when we die, because our time on this Earth is not meant to be wasted. However, I am here now, in this body, at this time, completing a job that will lead me to the next job, so perhaps I simply need to figure out a way to be accountable, in whatever form that takes.


2 thoughts on “Accountability”

  1. Well that was unexpected! I’m working right now, but will talk soon. I’ll catch you up on everything that’s been going on.


  2. Perhaps a commitment to accountability means a commitment not to huff and puff when we’re held accountable but to adopt a teachable posture and let those who love us enough to hold us accountable shape us.


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