Catching Up:

Well, it’s been a couple years since I actually posted some thing. I had wanted to start a blog, but wasn’t too sure how to do it. Actually, it’s just a matter of communicating, and putting down one’s thoughts. I think I’ll quit for now, because it has been a while and I need to figure out what direction I’m going to take with this. I like the appearance of this page, because it’s darker and easier on the eyes.

One thing I think I might start happens to deal with my dissertation that I am writing. I think I’ll start a blog on that, and discuss the spiritual aspects of the dissertation journey, because there are very few people I am around with whom it can be discussed. I will try to figure out how to open up a conversation for others, and have them post how they feel also on the journey. Sometimes just expressing how one feels helps a person sort out some thing he or she has been stuck on and the allows them to see the direction to go and the next steps to take.