September’s Stress

Well, I am finally destressing from all the planetary energy, even though the aspects are the same. September is typically a stressful month—more so than others—because of the intense numerological energy of people’s personal year. I will be doing a YouTube video on this for September, because the whole year has been chaotic for many. The way the planets have been aligned, it’s no wonder there have been continued incidents of bringing out previously unspoken resentments and issues, especially in the work sector where people hate their job, but have to keep it for the money. This is where understanding the astrological aspects helps. The astrology explains the overall feeling and actions that permeate the situations. The people’s behavior reacts to the planetary energies—much like the full moon effect—and that is where we see a commonality of behavior patterns. However, people’s numerological energy is unique to their own personality, so their behavior exhibits their number energy. The planets still are influencing overall, and each individual’s natal aspects are being affected by the transits (temporary location of the planet in respect to one’s natal chart), but the numerological energy is exhibited by how the individual reacts to the astrological energies through his/her behavior.

That is why I am so adamant about including astrology in with numerology when clients come and ask for a reading. My forte is focusing on Pluto (mine is in Leo, 12th house, conjunct my Leo ascendant), and happily refer people to other astrologers if a full chart is requested, because a professional astrologer can make the connections. We must have both Numerology and Astrology to fully understand ourselves—the rest is free will with what we do with that understanding.