Personal Years

This is the beginning of my blog and, since I am new at it, here is my website   that explains a little bit about myself and how I view numerology.  It needs to be  made accessible to everyone, yes, but it also needs to have more credibility than the ‘fortune-telling’ status to which it is relegated.  There are many more applications and the privacy issue is a big problem with giving readings.  How many people willingly give out their birthday under the assumption that a numerologist on the Internet is going to send  a free interpretation?  To me, this is foolish for both the numerologist and the person who is trusting that the information truly will be used for a ‘reading’.

More blogging to come as I maneuver my way around WordPress and find out all the ins and outs.  However, the main numerology blog might end up on my website, because I can post videos there; with this free account, I cannot do that.  Thank you for your patience.  There will be some good ruminations coming soon about numerology from a more academic perspective.  I shall be starting a monthly series that will detail what each particular month can bring for a particular personal year.