Dereliction of Duty Maleficence

Sometimes, preparation can border on obsession so much that it disguises itself as actually accomplishing the task that is being prepared. The deceiving is subtle, because actual work is being done, with the justification that the task being prepared for, is a simple matter of doing it. Thus, it is with writing. Preparing the workspace, organizing the writing materials, instruments, and tools, and visualizing the finished product are necessary, but deceptive regarding time investment. How much time is really needed to do these things? Extremism is a constant companion for any endeavor. Writing is no different. Sooner or later, words must be put down, even if in a random order. Editing is simply rearranging words or using punctuation correctly. Why not just put random words native to one’s field of study or genre, and rearrange them accordingly? Extremism will quickly disappear and harmony of the true essence inherent within the manuscript will emerge.


The Coming Dimensional Shifts

This blog seems to engage in philosophical discourse on everyday life in the new dimensional reality. However, shifting to this reality can be challenging, so various guideposts and markers are needed, because everyone is catapulted by those that resonate with them. 

In the coming years, it will be time for re-education. How do we unlearn what has been seeded in our very being? It will not be a matter of simply replacing one learned behavior with another. That would only still be part of the continuum of thought. No, it must start with a clean slate of consciousness. Sometimes, sentences do not make any sense, but they reflect —as best they can through words — the flow of thought occurring in the person’s mind. Identifying mind becomes tricky then, because it is the brain that interprets the thought as represented by words, same as a painter interprets thoughts as a painting or drawing. What if those thoughts could be manifested as physical forms? They would be physical thought forms.

Years ago, I read the book The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler; it was originally published in 1964, and I read it in 1972. It seemed to speak to questions I had just getting out of high school and wondering what life was all about. I found many answers in philosophy books such as Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, Epictetus, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and a plethora of others; the concepts and new perspectives was the spiritual food I was looking for— it satisfied a deep desire for knowledge and alternative ways to direct my thinking process at that time, because I had just been liberated from the nest, turning 18 and off on my own. The ideas that were presented through reading different perspectives of reality helped me to formulate my own interpretation of reality based on universal principles. I wanted to seek out the bigger picture and for years have collected snippets and elements of that bigger picture to formulate a basic life philosophy grounded in reality Consciousness. It continues to reformulate itself with each new experience, because living an experiential life can be grounded in an existential reality.

For that, I am grateful.

Pushing Through The Energies

We made it through yesterday, 02/22/2022! We are still here (at least, if you are reading this, you are here). There will be much more dynamic manifestations of the changing energetic environment, but as long as we stay focused on our chosen path, it will be the anchor for our personal reality. I personally have decided to stay focused on what I am passionate about most, and that is Artistic Creativity, according to the spiritual gifts assessment taken years ago. Starting this blog challenged me to ascertain the value of putting one’s thought out in public for scrutiny. I think it will be better, though, if I had a theme for every post; it will offer a general direction as to how the reader’s thought process can meander so that something will be gleaned in the end, and hopefully catapulting that thought process to pursue a deeper reflection on the content.

We’ll see if I can pull this off!

Renewed Focus

The events occurring at the present time are challenging, to say the least. Perhaps we can afford to sit back and just let events unfold, as they will anyway, but to ignore them is truly folly. Dynamic energies are building and to be prepared means to stay focused and aware of the present, everyday life. We cannot totally manipulate what happens outside of ourselves, so an external locus of control sometimes seems futile. We can, however, concentrate on accessing our internal locus of control, which will balance our orientation towards a harmonious acceptance of the outside circumstances, enabling us to understand the reason for any chaos perceived by others when being affected by the external events.

These are truly incredible times and we must stay diligent, remembering our reason for living at this point in history. Our spiritual growth depends on it.


It’s often hard to stay motivated when there is no accountability to anyone or anything. This can be a problem, especially when an individual has no one looking over one’s shoulder. this can be a a positive or negative attribute! Sometimes, we need someone “looking over our shoulder” and holding us accountable, but often we huff and puff when someone does.

I am finding out that I need someone holding me accountable and it needs to be in this physical realm. Granted, God holds us accountable when we die, because our time on this Earth is not meant to be wasted. However, I am here now, in this body, at this time, completing a job that will lead me to the next job, so perhaps I simply need to figure out a way to be accountable, in whatever form that takes.

Catching Up:

Well, it’s been a couple years since I actually posted some thing. I had wanted to start a blog, but wasn’t too sure how to do it. Actually, it’s just a matter of communicating, and putting down one’s thoughts. I think I’ll quit for now, because it has been a while and I need to figure out what direction I’m going to take with this. I like the appearance of this page, because it’s darker and easier on the eyes.

One thing I think I might start happens to deal with my dissertation that I am writing. I think I’ll start a blog on that, and discuss the spiritual aspects of the dissertation journey, because there are very few people I am around with whom it can be discussed. I will try to figure out how to open up a conversation for others, and have them post how they feel also on the journey. Sometimes just expressing how one feels helps a person sort out some thing he or she has been stuck on and the allows them to see the direction to go and the next steps to take.

Future Appearances

Thank you for all who listened Saturday. I will be posting the class schedule probably in the beginning of March. I am moving and busy with reorganizing my schedule. The courses will be eight weeks each: NUM 199 &  NUM 299. Also, I am working on the 16-week divination course, MTP 199. All classes will be held in-person for the full benefit, but an Internet option will be offered for those who cannot be physically present. The Internet class will be broadcast via Zoom meetings. Thank you for your patience.

Update On Public Presentations

I will be giving a public presentation at The Connection A Community Center, 4550 E Cactus Rd #58, Phoenix, AZ 85032 on November 26, 2018, from 7 to 8 pm. It will cover my interpretation of Numerology and present some expanded ways that Numerology can be used in a constructive way for helping to identify potential suicidal propensities and violent crimes from people with distorted energy behaviors. Join me in exploring this revolutionary way of profiling and future research potential.

September’s Stress

Well, I am finally destressing from all the planetary energy, even though the aspects are the same. September is typically a stressful month—more so than others—because of the intense numerological energy of people’s personal year. I will be doing a YouTube video on this for September, because the whole year has been chaotic for many. The way the planets have been aligned, it’s no wonder there have been continued incidents of bringing out previously unspoken resentments and issues, especially in the work sector where people hate their job, but have to keep it for the money. This is where understanding the astrological aspects helps. The astrology explains the overall feeling and actions that permeate the situations. The people’s behavior reacts to the planetary energies—much like the full moon effect—and that is where we see a commonality of behavior patterns. However, people’s numerological energy is unique to their own personality, so their behavior exhibits their number energy. The planets still are influencing overall, and each individual’s natal aspects are being affected by the transits (temporary location of the planet in respect to one’s natal chart), but the numerological energy is exhibited by how the individual reacts to the astrological energies through his/her behavior.

That is why I am so adamant about including astrology in with numerology when clients come and ask for a reading. My forte is focusing on Pluto (mine is in Leo, 12th house, conjunct my Leo ascendant), and happily refer people to other astrologers if a full chart is requested, because a professional astrologer can make the connections. We must have both Numerology and Astrology to fully understand ourselves—the rest is free will with what we do with that understanding.


Working at Setting This Up

Wow! Setting everything up to start serving and fulfilling my purpose is hard work, especially with limited knowledge of Internet navigation! I’m getting through it, though. Thank you for your patience. Everything is moving along. Divine timing is truly at work!



Well, things are moving along. It is already 2018 and I will be posting more because of not having to work at the previous job. Thank you for all your patience. Time for me to start delivering content!



I’m not doing well with keeping up with this because of being so busy with creating a whole new…well…life, basically, but please visit my Patreon page. I will be spending more time on that and creating more content regarding Numerology.

Thank you.

Another Day in Paradise!

Well, this month promises to be exciting. It is an eight universal month, which means the energies will be focused on material satisfaction, physical manifestation, and power struggles. The eight energy wants to be in control, even if it doesn’t feel in control. This can be especially felt by those who have similar energy being expressed this year, if it is their eight personal year. For them, it will be a Five Personal month, which means a change can come regarding finances or anything to do with material possessions. It an also mean power struggles in relationships, because the Eight personal year manifests what was started in the One personal year.

Thank you for reading. I am posting this from my iPad, so typing can be a bit slow. Much more to come, however!


I am learning how to post on my iPad and it is wonderful! This will give me the Internet presence needed for the numerology. I come from the behavioral perspective, which seems to be a better predictor of future behavior. Behavioral Numerology will help us, as souls, to navigate this physical Earth, because we are on it, and need to figure it out, no matter how spiritual we are.

Our Involvement Determines Our Evolvement

When we involve ourselves in life, our consciousness grows to accommodate the expansive new behavior that results as a result of that involvement. Oftentimes, we look so hard for enlightenment that our behavior becomes dysfunctional and we miss the simple act of natural expression. Just for today, do one act of expression that signifies your natural self. It is when no one is looking that we reveal our true selves.

Personal Years

This is the beginning of my blog and, since I am new at it, here is my website   that explains a little bit about myself and how I view numerology.  It needs to be  made accessible to everyone, yes, but it also needs to have more credibility than the ‘fortune-telling’ status to which it is relegated.  There are many more applications and the privacy issue is a big problem with giving readings.  How many people willingly give out their birthday under the assumption that a numerologist on the Internet is going to send  a free interpretation?  To me, this is foolish for both the numerologist and the person who is trusting that the information truly will be used for a ‘reading’.

More blogging to come as I maneuver my way around WordPress and find out all the ins and outs.  However, the main numerology blog might end up on my website, because I can post videos there; with this free account, I cannot do that.  Thank you for your patience.  There will be some good ruminations coming soon about numerology from a more academic perspective.  I shall be starting a monthly series that will detail what each particular month can bring for a particular personal year.